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Digital is an Electronic Communication Network that provides a secure, scalable and liquid ecosystem for various institutional players in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space.

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Why Digital?

Payment Rails

Digital integrated with partners in the space to provide clients with efficient payment rails to transfer fiat and digital assets instantaneously. In turn, giving our clients the flexibility and efficiency they need in a fast moving market.

  • Signet
  • Domestic/International Wires
  • Stable Coins

Deep Liquidity

Digital didn`t want to come to market with more of the same. We went around the Globe and curated a unique liquidity pool that offered our clients something they didn`t have.

  • Onboard Once
  • All Inclusive Pricing
  • Global Liquidity 24/7
  •  Trade All Major Market Cap Digital Assets

Settlement Network

Using a Central Clearing Counterparty method, Digital brought their traditional financial market experience to  the digital asset space to provide institutions the solution they need.

  • Multilateral Post Trade Settlement 
  • Daily Atomic Settlement at 12 EST. 
  • No More “Who Goes First” 
  • Free  Settlement on All Trading

Custody Services

In tandem with Prime Trust, a technology driven trust company, Digital offers a secure and efficient method for clients to custody assets. Significantly mitigating their risk of hacking and fraud.

  • Free Custody
  • Sign Up For An Account In Less Than 15 minutes.
  • Compliance Review Only Takes  2-3 days 

Prime Services

Digitals`s can seamlessly extend credit to institutions for trading. Allowing clients to allocate capital efficiently across digital asset markets without having to deal with who goes first.

  • Trade on Credit
  • Seamlessly Allocate Funds In And Out Of Prime Trust
  • White Glove Customer Service 24/7

Institutional Grade Technology


Digital can integrate with customers in a variety of ways. Currently we utilize Cross Connect, VPN and Stunnel.

Security Features

Digital utilizes sophisticated security features. All private data is encrypted with AES-256 and all data from the website is transmitted using encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections (i.e., HTTPS).

API Integration / Accessibility

Connect to Digital`s ECN through either FIX, WebSocket or Rest API integration. Or sign in directly through the User Interface for instant access.

Advanced Algorithmic Order Types

Digital offers customers algortimithic trading for TWAP and VWAP order types.

Smart Order Router & Matching Engine

Digital utilizes a Smart Order Router & Matching Engine to ensure best execution for clients.  Hybrid trading solutions are also available for Lit and/or Dark Pools.


Digital`s servers are located at the top-tier enterprise hosting facility in NY4.

The Digital Ecosystem

The Digital Electronic Communication Network
services a wide variety of clients.

Settlement Built for Institutions

No more “Who goes first”, clients can trade all day and settle their Net Open Position at our designated settlement time.

Free to custody assets

Scalable, secure and atomic settlement system.

Streamlined payment rails.

Digital Connections

Meet the Team

Mohan Thurairajah

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Lee Ratner

Chief Operating Officer


Owen Welsh

Head of Operations


Gavin French

VP of sales


Justin Taubman

Vice President


William Bruno

Vice President


Thomas Ness

Vice President



Vice President