An ECN built with institutional grade technology providing seamless connectivity to financial institutions across the cryptocurrency and digital asset space.

Trade through the lifecycle of the trade with ease through Digital. Traders will be protected from counterparty and credit risk and can settle and clear all trades through a connected network with our custodians. Additionally, credit can be extended to market makers and settlement times can be configured to suit their needs.Digital provides the one stop shop for all your trading needs.

Hedge Funds / Institutions

Improve your digital asset trading desk with secure world class technology that streamlines size and price discovery on large block trades. Additionally, enjoy features such as dark pool trading, a customizable user interface,various market order types for execution, smart order routing and instant settlement in the spot market.

OTC Desks

Brokers will enjoy access to liquid spot, perpetual, future and option markets across a liquid pool of leading exchanges and OTC Desks. Brokers can more successfully manage their risk exposure through our ECN`s matching engine that will allow them to forgo counterparty and credit risk.

Market Makers

Market Makers will get access to a curated pool of accredited investors and market participants on our secure ECN. Our institutional grade technology allows participants to post bids and offers on a conditional basis, and execute trades for no fee.


Exchanges can connect to our custodial network and display their orderbook to our customers for improved liquidity and volume at no cost. Additionally, exchanges can display their prices for our customers and have the trade routed through their network where Digital would act as a liquidity provider.


Custodians can provide their customers a secure and reliable trading ECN. Custodians will in turn increase their assets under management, and generate a new revenue stream from customer transactions.

Prime Brokers

Prime Brokers will be able to create their own account seamlessly and integrate into Digital LLC`s ECN through our API protocols for all Buy-side/institutional clients. Seamlessly extend credit to clients for trading through FIX Api protocols.